You can have a GREAT Memory for Names, Faces and Facts - GUARANTEED!

This classic book on memory has been completely re-typeset and formatted! This is NOT a cheap photocopy or scan of the original edition nor is it an abridged version. It's all here!

You'll want to add this updated 2011 version of a timeless classic if you have ever struggled with:
  • Forgetting Names
  • Forgetting "To-Do" items
  • Forgetting Facts you'd like to Remember
  • Forgetting What You Read
  • Forgetting Telephone Numbers and other Numbers
  • Forgetfulness in General

Over 180 pages of practical memory training advice!

The Title of this books says it all, How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces and Facts is now available! 

Also available from and eligible for FREE shipping with orders over $25.00! 

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